I have been paying particular attention to my increasing reliance on my iPhone for accomplishing daily tasks.  More than just a mode for communcation, my mobile device is at the heart of both my professional and personal life.  After upgrading my wife’s original 3G to 3GS, our small family of 4 now counts an iPhone for each man, woman, and children.  If you forced me to make a choice between my Macbook or my iPhone, my mobile device would win. Hands down.

By cateloguing my mobile use cases, I can draw broader theses of what the next evolution of computing will look like- beyond simple email, text, and voice calling.

  • Auto: I have a voice-activated Parrot bluetooth system that works flawlessly with the 3GS.  I can easily make and receive calls and the mirophone and speaker integration is as good as the newer OEM systems.  I also have the Blitz adapter that both seamlessly integrates my music into the car speaker system and charges the device.  When a call comes in or I make a call, the music automatically pauses and transfers to voice, and then resumes when the call is completed.  My iPhone is at the core of how I interact with my car.
  • Video: I have a first generation Flip video camera, which I now never use.  We took the family skiing this past weekend and I took my iPhone out repeatedly to take small snippets of my 6 and 3 1/2 year old beginning their (hopefully) long enjoyment of the snowy outdoors.
  • Home Use:  I have a Sonos that serves as the core of our home music solution.  I (and my kids) manage it via the free iPhone app.  I have installed the Sonos clients for our Macs, but we use them much less frequently than thru the iPhones.
  • Coordinating Meet Ups:  My iPhone lived in the front left pocket of my ski jacket our entire ski trip.  Rather than old school walkie-talkies, we coordinated when and where we were meeting up thru our iPhones.
  • Travel:  The kids played games on “their” iPhones when snowfall extended the usual 3 hour trip to Tahoe.  We used maps and Yelp to lock down food choices and to make sure our favorite places were open.

None of this is revelatory, but I was a little surprised to realize just how dependent I am on my mobile phone.  I believe that we are about to begin (if we arent already there) the next phase of computing with the mobile device at its core.  While this may simply mean another IP-based stack, there are products and services that will be completely different from their desktop/PC brethren.  And these will be much different than what we are seeing in the current Applications.

I encourage you to think about how you use your device and what you would want to do that you cannot yet do.  I think you might be surprised of how different the experiences are from your computer.  This will have far reaching implications as the mobile device and IP-based infrastructure collide.


2 thoughts on “Mobile Device Use Case: My iPhone or My Life

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